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In their simplest form wheels are, well, pretty simple, but really good racing wheels are a complex set of calculations and engineering principles that are unavoidable and not all wheel manufacturers have the same objectives. Weld engineers have at their disposal more design, engineering and testing tools than any other racing wheel manufacturer, and using tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and engineering concepts such as Rotational Moment of Inertia (RMOI), Weld engineers have designed and engineered wheels from 10” to 26” in diameter for virtually every type of application, including the more than 4000 part numbers listed in our 2009 Speed Guide and on Weldracing.com.

Located in Kansas City, USA, Weld Racing is as an engineering driven
company that lives the racing application through leading edge designs
and real world results. The company is not trying to reinvent the wheel,
just perfect it. For over four decades, the Weld Racing brand has been
known throughout the automotive aftermarket as the premier aluminum
race wheel manufacturer in all forms of motorsports – and we intend to
keep it that way.

Please use our Tech Pages as your technical resource for all things wheel-
related. If you have a question and can’t find an answer in our FAQ’s or
technical bulletins, feel free to post a question on our tech forum or call
one of our Technical Sales Representatives.


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